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Personal Information

For our birthday recognition program, please give the month and day of your birthday.

Employment Information

Professional/Educational Background

CREW Affiliation

Character & Reputation

Each applicant must have a CREW Sponsor. If you do not know an active member of CREW that can serve as your sponsor, one will be appointed for you. Your sponsor will contact you to learn more about your expectations and interests. 

If yes, please provide your sponsor name and contact information.

Do you hold yourself out to the public as being actively engaged in commercial real estate or related business? (i.e., is your primary source of income commercial real estate driven?)

Have you, either as a complainant or respondent, been involved in any question of ethics in any real estate board or board of your profession within the last 10 years?

Have you ever appeared before any real estate licensing authority or governing authority of your profession in defense of an alleged violation or licensure law?

Please provide three (3) references outside your company related to your industry:

Additional Information

CREW requires that applicants attend a meeting or event prior to submitting an application.

Committee Service

Serving on a committee is a great way to get more value out of your CREW membership. Your level of involvement may be adjusted to the amount of time you have available to serve.

  Public Relations
  Special Events
  FULL MEMBERS have 5 years or more experience and full time employment in qualified field. Qualified fields include various categories in commercial real estate, such as brokers, developers, owners & investors in real property, property managers, lenders, attorneys, architects/engineers, title agents, etc. Annual Dues are $400 (pro-rated to $300 if joining between July 1 and December 31).
  ASSOCIATES MEMBERS are professionals with less than 5 years of experience in a qualified field. Annual dues are $250 (pro-rated to $165 if joining between July 1 and December 31).
  AFFILIATE MEMBERS are professionals who work in a support-related field (such as roofing, suppliers, etc). Annual Dues are $400 (pro-rated to $300 if joining between July 1 and December 31).
  DUAL MEMBERSHIP FOR ASSOCIATE, FULL OR AFFILIATE MEMBERS is available to existing members of other chapters if they have paid annual dues in full to another chapter and wish to also be a member of CREW Fort Worth. Dues in addition to an existing membership payment are $220 (paid to CREW Fort Worth), (pro-rated to $195 if joining between July and December 31).
  I will submit credit card information upon acceptance of application. An invoice will be sent from Elizabeth LaPreze and completed online through a personalized CREWbiz account.
  I will pay with check mailed with INVOICE to: Elizabeth LaPreze, CREW National Membership Coordinator, 1201 Wakarusa Drive, Suite D, Lawrence, KS 66049 .

I do hereby request and authorize any person or persons, each former employer, or any former corporation referenced in this application to give any information, and answer any questions asked concerning my work or moral character in connection with this application. I also agree to explain to the membership committee, or its members, any information relating to this application. Further, I agree to notify the membership Chairperson of my inactive status if at any time I am no longer active in commercial real estate or related industry. The foregoing facts and statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

  I Accept

Several steps should be taken in order for your application to be complete.
1. Your Membership Application has been received.
2. A Sponsor Form has been submitted by a CREW member that is not employed by the same firm at which you are currently employed.
3. You have visited at least one CREW meeting or event.
4. You are employed in the commercial real estate field or a related industry. 5. You have submitted payment of dues.
6. You have submitted your photograph.

1. Once the Membership Application and the Sponsor Form are received, the membership committee will review your materials to see that all steps have been completed. You officially become a member when National CREW notifies the Fort Worth Chapter that your dues payment has been received. You may submit dues in person at a CREW meeting, or pay via the CREW website using PAYPAL. If accepted for membership in time for publishing, you will be entered in the National Directory. Once officially enrolled, you will be announced at the monthly meeting.
2. All members are encouraged to to participate in a committee of your choice. Also, you will be invited to serve for three instances with the greeting committee, a great way to get introduced!
Fort Worth CREW P.O. Box 1202 Fort Worth, TX 76101-1202 817.480.1060
Additional information regarding membership levels and requirements can be found on the CREW website at Please see "About Us," then "Chapter Bylaws."