Lifetime Achievement

In 2011, the Legacy of Leadership Committee (LLC) awarded its first Lifetime Achievement Award. The award will be given at the discretion of LLC with prior approval by the CREW Fort Worth Board of Directors, due to the benefits associated with the recognition. The core value of this prestigious award is to recognize excellence and lifetime achievements in the recipient’s professional and personal life; with emphasis on extraordinary leadership and commitments to the mission and endeavors of CREW Fort Worth, Fort Worth CREW Charities, CREW Network and CREW Network Foundation. The honoree must have accomplished and personify the many qualities that distinguish CREW Members as elite professionals, having served CREW Fort Worth at the board level and attended a CREW Network Convention or Leadership Council Meeting. The honorees, themselves, serve as mentors, role models and demonstrate the limitless horizons that commitment and perseverance can achieve. The honorees must possess impeccable credentials.

2011 - Norma Nelson Crow, Rattikin Title

Norma Crow was recognized by the LLC committee as being a real estate professional who has the highest personal code of ethics, always acting with honor, integrity, respect, honesty and accountability. She has been recognized as an industry leader for mentoring and professional achievements, as well as being the focus of an article in the Wall Street Journal. Norma Crow was instrumental in the formation of our local CREW Fort Worth Chapter and for spearheading our chapter in joining the national association, CREW Network. She is proactive and innovative. She exemplifies the qualities inherent with grace and style. She has helped to create our time-honored standards and traditions while serving CREW Fort Worth in many leadership capacities including committee chair, board member, president, and delegate to CREW Network. In 2011, she was requested and she agreed to return to the board for a special one-year term to assist with Programs. Norma has served on the Legacy of Leadership Committee for CREW Fort Worth, including its initial year in 2010 as well as on the Fort Worth CREW Charities, Inc. Board where she actively participated in its philanthropic and special event endeavors. It was the consensus of the LLC committee that Norma Crow had earned and was long over-due for special recognition by CREW Fort Worth.