Legacy of Leadership Lone Star Award

This award was established by Cynthia Bailey & Barbara Fife as 2010 Co-Presidents of CREW Fort Worth, their focus during the Chapter’s 25th Anniversary was leadership.   This prestigious award recognizes extraordinary leadership and contribution of women. The honorees must be committed to empowering women in the real estate industry, dedicated to improving the way we work, play and live within our communities, state and country. At the heart of this award is the recognition of excellence. The honorees must well represent the core values of CREW Fort Worth, CREW Network, and CREW Network Foundation. The honoree themselves serve as important role models for our membership, both seasoned and future leaders, demonstrating the limitless horizons that commitment and perseverance can achieve. The honorees must possess impeccable credentials and be a recognized leader and mentor in her field. The award can be given annually at the discretion of the Legacy of Leadership Committee. The honoree cannot be a CREW Fort Worth Member.

Recipients are:

2012  - Betsy Price, Mayor, Fort Worth, Texas

Mayor Price was recognized for her many accomplishments and her commitment and extraordinary leadership to future professional leaders within our community. She tireless leads with knowledge, strength and consideration. She makes herself available to her constituents, listens, innovates and executes. 

2010 - Dr. Gail  S. Ayers, CEO, CREW Network & President of CREW Foundation

Dr. Ayers inspired the creation of this special recognition and was the first recipient. She was recognized for her many accomplishments and for being a dynamic and tireless professional leader, leading with knowledge, strength and consideration.